Dr. Richard Rodriguez, CMO of Carson Tahoe Health, Ann Beck, CFO of Carson Tahoe Health, Tad Morley, Executive Director of Outreach, University of Utah, Dr. John Sweetenham, Medical Director of Huntsman Cancer Institute, Dr. John Kelly, Oncologist at Carson Tahoe Cancer Center, Anna Anders, CNO of Carson Tahoe Health, Dr. Roger Miercort, Radiation Oncologist at Carson Tahoe Cancer Center, Ed Epperson, CEO of Carson Tahoe Health, Michelle Joy, COO of Carson Tahoe Health, Ben Tanner, COO of Huntsman Cancer Institute, Mark Saxton, Outreach Manager, University of Utah.

Officials from Carson Tahoe Health, in alliance with Salt Lake City-based healthcare affiliate University of Utah Health Care, today announced a new extension to their affiliation; one that will now exist between Carson Tahoe Cancer Center and Huntsman Cancer Institute. This innovative model brings new opportunities, expanded resources, and specialized care to cancer patients in […]


Summer is the time for sunning, swimming, and grilling — not for being miserable with a cold. Here’s how to tell if you have a summer cold or summer allergies, along with tips to cope. No matter what the season, a virus finds the weather perfect to invade your respiratory tract — leaving you sneezing, […]


Dozens of studies have found that essential oils can both protect your long-term health and relieve symptoms of common maladies. They can help lower stress levels, relieve pain, improve mood, and quell cravings and nausea. Essential oils have even been demonstrated in lab studies to kill flu, E. coli, and cancer cells. Below are some […]


Problems with energy, mental capacity, and weight may be due to thyroid disease. Simple tests can determine if thyroid function is to blame for your symptoms so you can get the treatment you need. The thyroid is a small, yet powerful gland in the neck that releases hormones that help regulate many of the body’s […]