Urgent & Emergent Care

Carson Tahoe's Emergency Care is supported by several Carson Tahoe Urgent and Emergent Care Centers to ensure fast and convenient care. Carson Tahoe Urgent Care facilities are an excellent choice for a wide variety of simple or moderately complex medical problems that are not serious enough to be judged as emergencies. The staff at Carson Tahoe Urgent Care provides high quality, convenient medical care for non-life threatening injuries and illnesses.

Emergent care provides the emergency equipment along with the most professionally trained staff who can quickly diagnose and treat a disease at its most decisive stage. Carson Tahoe Minden Medical Center is the only licensed, stand-alone Emergency Room in Nevada. This allows us to provide life saving critical care in an emergency situation. Emergent care centers are capable of treating a range of conditions, from a sore throat to chest pain stabilization.

Because of the several convenient locations and the fact that urgent care centers do not require an appointment to be seen, there are several circumstances that may make urgent care the right circumstance for you: 

 * When your regular primary care doctor's office is closed
 * When you are sick or injured and not able to schedule a same day appointment.
 * If you do not have a regular primary care doctor
 * When you are away from home
 * As an alternative to hospital Emergency Rooms, which tend to have longer patient waiting times

Each of our Urgent & Emergent Care locations are supported by board certified physicians during all hours of operations.

Locations include:

Carson Tahoe Urgent Care, Carson City

8 am - 8 pm, 361 days a year

Carson Mall
1201 S. Carson Street
Carson City, NV 89701
(775) 445-7330

Carson Tahoe Urgent Care, Dayton

Monday - Friday: 8 am - 6 pm
Saturday: 9 am - 5 pm
Sunday: Closed

Dayton Medical Center
901 Medical Center Drive
Dayton, NV 89403
(775) 445-7210

Carson Tahoe Emergent Care, Minden 

8:00 am to 8:00 pm, 365 days a year

Minden Medical Center
925 Ironwood Drive
Minden, Nevada
(775) 445-7800

Is Urgent Care or Emergent Care right for me?

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