Senior Pathways

24-hour Behavior Crisis Hotline: (800) 283-7671

Behavioral Health Services’ (BHS) Senior Pathways Program is a multi-disciplinary assessment and treatment program for aging adults experiencing an acute decrease in their everyday level of functioning. Assessment is designed to be quick and precise, addressing medical, psychosocial, social and situational factors. Treatment is individualized and encourages family input and involvement.

Senior Pathways Inpatient Program is for aging adults who are suffering from:

•  Aggression

•  Alzheimer’s Disease

•  Anger (services include anger management)

•  Combative behavior

•  Debilitating anxiety disorders, among others

•  Decreased memory

•  Dementia

•  Depression

•  Increased confusion

•  Increased isolation

•  Loss of appetite

•  Mood disorders

•  Paranoia

•  Psychosis

•  Schizophrenia

•  Sleeplessness

•  Suicidal thoughts; suicidal attempts or ideation

Senior Pathways Outpatient Program is for aging adults who are experiencing difficulty functioning in social, vocational or educational arenas and need more intensive treatment than are offered in lower levels of care. These patients are able to participate in group activities, are medically stable and are ambulatory or use canes, walkers or wheelchairs. Daily individual and group therapy is offered providing individually planned treatment goals. These patients are able to interact with staff and have home or living situations providing sufficient support to maintain them in the community.

Contact Us:

Outpatient Behavioral Health Services

Carson Tahoe Specialty Medical Center
775 Fleischmann Way
Carson City, NV
(775) 445-7756

Inpatient Behavioral Health Services

1080 N. Minnesota Street
Carson City, NV
(775) 445-8181
Toll free: (800) 283-7671



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