Physician Hospital Organization

Carson Tahoe Health is collaborating with physicians in and around Carson City to provide the best care for patients at the lowest possible cost. The result was the formation of the Carson Tahoe Physician Hospital Organization (PHO).

Medical Staff Resources

This following information is designated for Carson Tahoe medical staff. If you have any ideas for helpful forms or information to go on this page, please send suggestions to

Medical Staff Forms:

•  8761-EH01 HF Admit Orders 12-16-08

•  8761-EH02 HF Discharge form 4-10-07

•  8761-EH03 Pneumonia Orders 12-16-08

•  8761-EH04 ACS-STEMI Admit Orders 12-16-08

•  8761-EH05 ACS-STEMI Discharge form 6-18-07

•  Outpatient Renal Biopsy Admission Orders

•  Pacemaker Orders

•  Pre-Op Admission Orders

•  Code of Conduct

Healthcheck Lab Forms

•  HealthCheck Lab Ordering Form

•  HealthCheck Certificate

•  HealthCheck Lab Form for PEBP Members

•  Click here for test descriptions