Outpatient (Same Day) Care

Outpatient procedures are procedures not requiring an overnight hospitalization. See below for a list of some common outpatient procedures performed at numerous Carson Tahoe Facilities. Click the links for more information about each specific service line.

Service Lines

Cardiology – Carson Tahoe Cardiology provides numerous outpatients procedures

Cath/Vascular Lab – Part of the Carson Tahoe Heart Institute, our state-of-the-art Cath/Vascular Lab provides minimally invasive treatments for the entire region

Imaging – Learn more about each specific imaging service (i.e. MRI, CT Scan, Ultrasound) and our multiple convenient locations

Lab – Full service laboratory services at five convenient locations

Nutrition Services - A one-on-one meeting with our registered dietitians can help you come up with a nutrition plan for to lose weight and live healthier.

Sports Medicine (Orthopedics) - Learn more about our comprehensive orthopedic services including advanced surgical and non-surgical approaches to a variety of orthopedic conditions.

Surgery Centers – Advanced, same-day surgeries backed by the entire Carson Tahoe Health system, at Carson Tahoe Sierra Surgery and Carson Tahoe Surgery Center.

Therapy – Carson Tahoe has a team of medical professionals that specialize in physical, occupational and speech therapy

Wound Care – Treatments available to heal and repair long term injuries, infections and lesions.


Common Outpatient Procedures

•  Ultrasound Guided Biopsies: biopsy procedure that uses an ultrasound imaging device to find an abnormal area of tissue and guide its removal for examination under a microscope.

•  Endoscopy: Viewing the inside of a body cavity (eg, colon) with an endoscope, a device using flexible fiber optics. Common endoscopy procedures include Bronchoscopies and Colonoscopies

•  Centesis: Withdrawing fluid from a body cavity for examination. Common centesis procedures include Thoracentesis (lungs) and Paracentesis (abdomen)

•  Infusions: Introducing a solution into the body through a vein for therapeutic purposes. Common infusion therapies include Antibiotic Infusions and Hydration Infusions

•  Transfusions: Taking of blood or blood-based products from one individual and inserting them into the circulatory system of another.


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