Nutritional Counseling

Healthy eating helps you feel your best and have plenty of energy. It’s also one of the best things you can do to prevent and control many health problems, such as heart disease, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes and some types of cancer

Nutritional intervention can increase a patient’s health and well-being, productivity, and satisfaction levels. Check below for valuable videos and weight-loss topics from our registered dieticians.

All sessions are comprised of one-on-one meetings with a registered dietitian. The information received is based on the latest nutritional standards. We pride ourselves on providing nutritional advice that is explained in practical terms for everyday use. Our sessions may include shopping tips, dining out strategies, convenience cooking, and social eating skills.

Outpatient Nutrition Services
Carson Tahoe Nutrition Services can assist you with an individualized nutrition plan to help you achieve your goals and make a significant difference in your overall health. We treat patients of all ages and diagnosis, including those with bariatric, lap band, or gastric bypass conditions.

  • Conveniently located in Carson City, Nevada
  • Flexible hours (7:30 am to 2:30 pm)
  • May be covered by insurance; only $168 per one hour initial appointment; $84 for 30-minute follow-up visits.

Healthy Food Assistance
Carson Tahoe supports and participates in local community efforts to provide for area residents in need, and we work closely with Healthy Communities Coalition, Friends in Serice Helping (FISH), and Remote Area Medical (RAM). Additionally, we donate fresh produce harvested from our garden at the Regional Medical Center.

Exercise/Wellness Services
Nutrition consultations can assess your nutritional needs and goals based on your exercise and wellness needs.

For more information about Nutritional Consultation, call (775) 445-5500.

Weight Management
LifeSteps Weight Management can:

  • Improve your health
  • Improve your happiness
  • Develop good eating habits
  • Learn how to exercise effectively
  • Create and manage an attainable weight goal

In the past, LifeSteps has been a 15 week program with classes taking place one day per week. Past fees have been a nominal cost of $280 with a $25 rebate for perfect attendance and a $25 rebate for achieving your weight goal. Registration is required due to limited space. Please call (775) 445-7407 or email for updated information.

Questions asked by patients, answered by our dietitians:

Additional Questions & Answers

Is a Master Cleanse Diet a Good Way to Lose Weight? – A video response from Dietitian Kim Mason

Which Foods Can Help Reduce Acne? – A video response from Dietitian Renee Bauer

How to Make Kale Taste Good with Healthy Recipes – A video response from Dietitian Kim Mason

Nitrates in Hot Dogs – Can They Make You Sick? – A video response from Dietitian Martha Holland

What Foods Provide Energy without Weight Gain? – A video response from Dietitian Kim Mason

How Can I Add Protein to Breakfast & Is Juicing Healthy? – A video response from Dietitian Renee Bauer

What’s the Deal with Kale? – A healthy kale recipe and an explanation as to why it is so healthy

Food Serving Size, What’s the Magic Portion? – Discover what an actual healthy portion size is

Where Does Salt Fit in My Diet? – Advice on how salt fits into everyone’s diet.

A Dietitian’s Take on the Paleo Diet – A look into the increasingly popular “Caveman Diet”
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