Success Stories

The following testimonials are from cancer, cardiac, surgery, and emergency patients whose lives have been touched by Carson Tahoe Health. These patients kindly allowed us to borrow their stories because they believe that sharing their experiences will encourage others. Enjoy their stories and we hope you find them as inspiring as we did.

Cancer/Oncology Services

Alice Fontana – Not long ago, Alice was diagnosed with cancer. She could have let it drag her down. She could have given up. Instead she chose to fight – with the help of Carson Tahoe and their health navigators. Thanks to a national acclaimed Cancer Center, Alice received the care and support she needed to get a second chance at life.

Bill Barry – When a kidney cancer diagnosis threatened to throw off his game, Bill looked to Carson Tahoe Cancer Center for help.

Bob Crowell – Carson City Mayor Bob Crowell has faced many challenges in his life- including cancer. See how the Carson Tahoe Cancer Center helped Bob overcome this obstacle.

Peggy Pruitt – Peggy has endured a lot in her battle with breast cancer. But thanks to the support of Carson Tahoe, she’s never had to fight alone.

Cardiac/Heart Services

Greg Silvestro – A case of bacterial endocarditis caused a bacterial infection that attacked Greg’s heart. Just six weeks after a successful surgery replacing his aortic valve, Greg was able to get back in the game and enjoy what matters in life.

Mark Colley – A heart attack put Mark in the ER. A skilled emergency medical team put him back on the road to recovery.

Chris Campos – Few patients with heart attacks that involve aortic dissections survive, even if doctors take all the proper steps and take them quickly. Luckily, Chris’ care was in the hands of Carson Tahoe’s open- heart surgery program led by Dr. Todd Chapman, chief of cardiac surgery.

Maria Falconieri – At only 45 years only, Maria never would’ve guessed she’d have a heart attack. Fortunately Carson Tahoe is trained to expect the unexpected.

ER/Emergency Services

Kim Circo – After receiving news of a major artery blockage in her pelvis, Kim turned to Carson Tahoe’s Vascular Surgery team to save the use of her legs and lead her on the road to recovery.

Jerrie Marson – When South Reno resident Jerrie Marson badly injured her hip, she turned to Carson Tahoe Emergency Room.

Allan King – A crash severely damaged Allan’s shoulder. Replacement surgery at Carson Tahoe got him back on track. Today he has more mobility and less pain than he has for the past six years.

Karen Blue – After a month-long vacation of blue skies and sunny days, Karen found herself navigating a storm of severe health problems when she arrived back home. Good thing Carson Tahoe was there to show her the way back to good health.

Mary Jolly – A nasty fall during a routine walk left Mary Jolly in bad shape. Luckily Carson Tahoe had the skills and responsive care to get her back on the path to wellness.

Mary Ann McNeill – Minden resident Mary Ann seemed to be having a heart attack and was rushed to Carson Tahoe’s ER. Things are not always as they seem however, and the quick thinking Carson Tahoe doctors saved her life by correctly diagnosing her with a rare medical condition instead.

Imaging/X-Ray Services

Theresa Hight – Thanks to early detection at Sierra Surgery, Theresa successfully overcame breast cancer.

Surgical/Neurosurgical Services

Keith Roman – Total Knee Replacement and prostatectomy patient at Sierra Surgery Hospital.

Danny Haesaerts – When Gardnerville resident Danny Haesaerts broke his neck in an accident, Carson Tahoe’s ER, Neurosurgeons, and Rehabilitation team saved his life and even got him back on his feet.