Medical Records

In accordance with the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) 42 CFR Part 495 and 45 CFR Part 170, Carson Tahoe Health is able, upon request, to provide your Health Record in either paper or electronic format.

By definition:
Your MEDICAL RECORD is considered the legal record which contains your protected health information for services rendered by Carson Tahoe Health and is gathered from all sources within our organization.

Your HEALTH RECORD is a term defined by the Federally Mandated ARRA and is designed to meet the requirements of meaningful use. Your Health Record is LIMITED to your diagnostic test results, problem list, medication list, medication allergies, discharge summary and procedures performed.

Due to confidentiality and HIPAA guideline regulations, medical and/or health records can only be released under written authorization from the patient or legal guardian. The medical records release form is available in both English and Spanish by clicking on the following links:

English Authorization for Release of Medical Records

Spanish (Espanol) Autorizacion Para Entregrar Expedientes Medicos

For further assistance, please email or use the following contact information:

Stacy Moore
Release of Information
Health Information Management
P: (775) 445-8568
F: (844) 266-0058