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RMC Brick Campaign

Give now in support of neighbors in need, to help Carson Tahoe stay at the forefront of medical advances, or in tribute to a loved one. You can choose for your gift to go towards the area of greatest need, or direct it specifically to an area of your choosing.

Memorial Gifts
After losing a loved one, it’s comforting to have ripples of their life’s impact continue to spread out and into the world. Many families find that making a charitable contribution in memory of their loved one is a meaningful tribute. Gifts are also given in honor of courageous survivorship and special occasions like the birth of a baby, an anniversary or a lifesaving heart surgery. Please be assured that if you choose to give in any of these ways, the Foundation will send a heartfelt note of thanks and acknowledgement to anyone you wish to be notified of your gift.

Charitable Planned Giving
Consistently delivering the highest quality healthcare and staying at the forefront of leading technology can be extremely costly. That’s why we gratefully depend upon our community’s generous support. For many people, the opportunity to give a larger gift initiates from their estate (often in a will or a Trust)—acting as a legacy. These gifts are called “Planned Gifts.”

A planned gift is a pre-arranged charitable contribution that considers a family’s philanthropic, as well as financial objectives. Through a planned gift, donors leave a legacy of hope and healing that ensures a brighter, healthier future for the community. For many families, this method of giving:

  • Provides the opportunity to make a larger charitable gift than thought possible
  • Simplifies financial affairs
  • Reduces or eliminates various types of taxation
  • Improves cash flow
  • Provides for loved ones
  • Secures a stream of payments during retirement
  • Diversifies the portfolio of assets relied upon for income

If you are interested in exploring your options, you can read more detailed information by following this link: Wills and Bequests, or please reach out to Kitty McKay. She is honored to help you explore options, (775) 445-5165.