About Us

The healing process is about more than just having convenient access to high-tech treatment, state-of-the-art facilities and respected medical experts. True, all those factors are key to any patient's success – and Carson Tahoe is proud to be the home of every single one.

The Carson Tahoe Health System is a network of healthcare facilities, services and programs located in and around Northern Nevada and Eastern California. With deep roots in the community and over 60 years of being the health experts in our region, the community has looked to Carson Tahoe to uphold the highest possible standards in health practices.

It’s not just delivering a baby, mending a broken bone or curing a disease. It is beyond that. It’s celebrating a new baby, regaining the strength to attend a daughter’s soccer game or hearing that you can begin again without cancer.

Through advanced technology, national accreditation, prominent physicians and healthcare professionals, Carson Tahoe believes in compassionate care and quality of life.


Carson Tahoe Regional Medical Center celebrated its 5th Birthday in 2010

We are proud to present a five year video starring our employees, physicians and volunteers. In addition, scroll below to view our magazine dedicated to  five years at the Carson Tahoe Regional Medical Center.


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